Smt. Rama Sivaraman

Smt. Rama Sivaraman has been a student of Swami Paramarthananda (http://www.vedantavidyarthisangha.org/) from 2004 onwards. Over the years, she has been learning the Gita, Upanisads, Brahmasutra, and various other advaitic works referred as prakarana granthas under Swamiji in a consistent and systematic manner.

Swami Paramarthananda was a student of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and follows Sankara’s Advaita vedanta.

With the blessings of Swamiji, Rama Sivaraman is teaching this course called “Introduction to Vedanta” as imbibed from  Swamiji. She is very keen to create awareness around the Hindu way of life so that people would have a choice to follow the spiritual or religious way of life along-side their daily chores should they desire to.  

Rama is an Executive director, COO and on the board of a large Global IT services organization. She has diverse and varied experience of over 25 years spanning Strategy and Operations, M & A, Project management, Delivery assurance, Business Process consulting, People and Performance Management. Rama is an Engineer and MBA from College of Engineering, Guindy.

She is considered a role model by several other Women professionals. Was ranked as one of the Top 20 Woman leaders in IT in India in August 2014, by Data Quest a leading IT magazine in India. Won the WOMAN LEADERSHIP AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN IT SECTOR, at Singapore, instituted by CMO ASIA in 2016.